Monday, July 13, 2009

Here we go

Well it seems the best way to keep up with everyone is to make one of these I have caved in and started one. Bret and I just got back from our Honeymoon and we are trying to adjust to a new house, old jobs, and married life. We should get some wedding pictures soon so we will post them as soon as we can.

In case you didn't know.........
Bret and I met last summer when we both randomly moved into an apartment complex in Holladay Utah. Neither of us knew why we ended up there at the time, but now we do! We were next door neighbors and it didn't take long before we were seeing each other every day and spending all our free time together. Bret proposed right before Christmas break and we were engaged for six months. Our beautiful wedding was three weeks ago and it couldn't have been more perfect! We are so lucky to have each other and can't wait for all the exciting times to come!